The Beatles didn't invent pairing a soaring melody and triumphant chorus with devastatingly sad verses, of course, but they did have a singular knack for voicing the otherwise unspeakable in our hearts. As does Erin Hosier in her incisive coming-of-age memoir.

Interview with Helen Little 


OTHERPPL with Brad Listi

Episode 588


Everyone has a story…not everyone can tell it. Roxanne says first-time author Erin Hosier “assuredly can tell her story and does so with the kind of wit, energy, warmth, and honesty that rivets you to the page.”

"How The Beatles Helped a Father-Daughter Relationship Weather Abuse" by Ariel Scotti



"For Bret Easton Ellis: An Homage, with Love"/ 2010 essay

A conversation with Mark Sussman 

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